About us

Magatelli Log Homes is a small handcrafted log building company seated in Bormio, in the heart of the Italian Alps.

“After a long-standing experience in our family business in the field of painting and thermal insulation, I decided to expand my knowledge and follow my passion for wood by attending “The Pat Wolfe Log Building School” in Canada in 2012. There I learned all the theoretical knowledge needed and I developed my handy skills by building a complete log house with the fellow students.

As soon as I came back to Italy, I started building with logs.

I think you can feel the passion, the dedication to each detail and the handcrafted wood carving only when standing surrounded by the logs of our constructions. I really wish this feeling could accompany those who decide to live in one of our homes, where nature and human relations are in harmony.

Our family painting business lets me offer the best solutions and advises for those who would like special wood treatments or house painting.”


As a craftsman, I can offer a high quality product, taking the most care of details and guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction.