Building method


Our log homes are built with local coniferous trees, such as spruce, larch or pine.

Logs are peeled by hand (drawknifed) and then washed leaving cambium untouched, which naturally protects wood. Logs are then carved according to the Scandinavian Full-Scribe method (also known as the chinkless method), in which each log has a full length groove and fits to the naturally-shaped logs above and below without gaps. Grooves are then filled with insulation materials. They are notched where they overlap at the corners with a saddle notch, creating a tightly-sealed corner.

Log shells are built in our yard and then disassembled, transported to the owner’s foundation and finally reassembled. After that, openings for doors and windows are cut and holes for wiring are drilled.

All our buildings comply with the standards of the International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA).