Our offer

We are able to construct any kind of log building, from saunas and garden cabins to holiday cottages and family homes.

Our offer consists of a handcrafted log shell, including the roof structure, which is built in our yard and then transported and reassembled at the customer’s place.

Doors and windows supplied by the customer may be placed on request, as well as painting or other special wood treatments can be made. Thanks to our cooperation with some carpenters, we can have doors, windows, furniture and more built for you.

As for saunas, we can build, if you wish, a complete construction, including doors, windows, roof, benches, wood or electric stove and lighting.

The price of our homes varies  depending on different factors – such as kind of wood, mean diameter of logs, number of notches – so it’s not possible to calculate price per square meter. Anyway, on average, a log home doesn’t cost more than a brick one and has the advantage of being absolutely unique. Should you wish a quotation or any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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