Why build with Logs?

Log building has several advantages compared to other building methods.

  • Natural Materials

    First, wood is a natural material that provides a safe and healthy living environment. Wood transpires naturally and has no toxic off-gas effects. It can absorb humidity and release it in the air, so any problems due to excessive humidity are avoided.
  • An Eco-friendly Home

    Log homes are eco-friendly and energy efficient, thanks to the high sound-proofing and thermal insulation proper to wood. This makes log homes quiet, cool in summer and warm in winter, with no need of further insulation.
  • Renewable Resources

    Moreover, trees are a renewable resource. Our log homes are built with local trees grown in the wild and sustainably harvested. Local wood and handcrafting mean that the energy used to construct our houses is much lower compared to other building methods.
  • A long lasting Investment

    Log homes are also durable and can last for centuries. They are strong in tornadoes and earthquakes. They can be disassembled and reassembled in another place and logs can finally be recycled into new homes or used for other purposes.
  • Handcrafted

    Finally, handcrafted building results in a high quality outcome: logs are peeled by hand and carved with extreme precision, to create perfect joints which guarantee a very good result in terms of insulation and beauty.
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